Retail Alliance Awards Lackey Clinic with a Community Impact Award and $500

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Lackey Clinic in Yorktown, VA, received the esteemed Community Impact Award at the Retail Alliance’s 16th Annual Retailer of the Year Awards.

Yorktown, Virginia Jan 25, 2024 ( – In a resounding acknowledgment of its impactful contributions, the Lackey Clinic clinched the prestigious Community Impact Award at the Retail Alliance’s 16th Annual Retailer of the Year Awards. The Retail Alliance, an influential advocate providing support and education to retailers across the region, bestowed this honor on Lackey Clinic for its unwavering commitment to community welfare.

This recognition takes on added significance in Hampton Roads, encompassing Williamsburg, Yorktown, Poquoson, Newport News, and Hampton, where numerous retailers grapple with the challenge of affording healthcare benefits for their employees. Lackey Clinic emerges as a beacon of hope by offering a lifeline to uninsured workers earning between $12 and $25 an hour. Employees gain access to free medical, dental, behavioral health services, medications, and eye care through this unique partnership, thereby fostering a healthier and more productive workforce.

Notably, Lackey Clinic extends its impact beyond the confines of traditional healthcare models. The clinic pioneers a novel approach by providing free Virtual Urgent Care to any adult in Virginia, irrespective of insurance or income. This not only underscores Lackey Clinic’s commitment to inclusivity but also exemplifies its innovative response to the community’s evolving needs.

Lackey Clinic, a faith-based nonprofit, is a stalwart provider of free and charitable healthcare to uninsured adults in Virginia. Focused on working-class individuals earning between $12-$25 an hour, the clinic addresses a critical gap where many fall through the healthcare safety net–earning too much for Virginia Medicaid yet unable to afford quality health insurance.

According to the Retail Alliance, the significance of the Community Impact Award lies in recognizing a retailer that surpasses conventional expectations, demonstrating an extraordinary commitment to uplifting the neighborhoods they serve. Whether through philanthropic initiatives or groundbreaking community engagement programs, Lackey Clinic has undeniably showcased a genuine dedication to enhancing the lives of those in its sphere of influence.

Nonprofit healthcare organizations, driven by a mission rather than profit margins, play a pivotal role in ensuring that medical care remains a service and a human-centric endeavor. In an industry often criticized for its impersonal nature and financial intricacies, these entities put people before profits, emphasizing accessibility, inclusivity, and a genuine commitment to community welfare.

One of the standout contributions of nonprofits lies in their ability to fill the gaps in healthcare coverage. As millions of Americans face barriers to accessing quality healthcare, nonprofit organizations step in to bridge these divides. From providing free clinics and services for the uninsured to offering specialized care for underserved populations, nonprofits become the safety nets that prevent individuals from falling through the cracks of an often-fragmented system.

Beyond traditional medical care, nonprofits are uniquely positioned to address the broader spectrum of social determinants of health. Housing, education, and economic disparities significantly impact an individual’s well-being. Nonprofit organizations often take a holistic approach, implementing community-based programs beyond the confines of a clinical setting to uplift communities by addressing the root causes of health disparities.

Lackey Clinic’s Quality of Healthcare

In the realm of healthcare at Lackey Clinic, a paradigm shift is underway, led by primary care physicians who prioritize the profound connection between doctor and patient. Here, the ethos distinctly differs from the superficial and brisk nature often associated with medical appointments elsewhere. At Lackey Clinic, patients are not just medical cases but individuals with unique stories, lives, and needs.

The physicians at Lackey Clinic invest time–averaging a generous 30 minutes per appointment–to delve into the intricate tapestry of each patient’s life, listening intently to medical concerns and gaining a comprehensive understanding of their individuality. This deliberate investment in time establishes a benchmark for health, fostering a relationship that transcends the transactional norms of many healthcare settings.

Why does this matter? Because familiarity breeds better healthcare. With a consistent care team, Lackey Clinic ensures patients receive personalized attention, reducing the need to explain medical histories repeatedly and allowing for more efficient and effective treatment.

Lackey Clinic, a faith-based nonprofit, extends its commitment beyond traditional healthcare. Focused on serving working-class individuals who earn between $10-$25 an hour, the clinic provides free eye care to adults without medical insurance. Their board-certified optometrists employ state-of-the-art technology to conduct comprehensive eye exams, addressing common conditions such as dry eye, ocular allergies, glaucoma, cataracts, and more.

But Lackey Clinic doesn’t stop at diagnosis; they take tangible steps to make eyeglasses accessible. Through the New Eyes program, patients in need of eyeglasses receive custom prescriptions free of charge. Lackey Clinic facilitates affordable options for those requiring specialty eyeglasses, ensuring that every patient’s needs are met with care and consideration.

Enter the era of virtual urgent care–a revolutionary concept embraced by Lackey Clinic. Virtual urgent care caters to non-emergency needs such as cold and flu symptoms, dental pain, sinus infections, minor injuries, or prescription refills. This forward-thinking approach saves patients time and money and aligns with Lackey Clinic’s vision of restoring proper care to healthcare.

Navigating the virtual landscape may seem daunting, but Lackey Clinic simplifies the process, offering free follow-up care after virtual urgent care visits. The clinic extends its reach through technology, bringing quality healthcare to individuals without medical or dental insurance.

Virtual urgent care, conducted through video visits on smartphones or laptops, addresses a spectrum of common ailments–urinary tract infections, sore throats, dental issues, sinus pain, allergies, and more. This tech-driven approach is not just a convenience; it’s a fundamental shift in how healthcare is delivered.

However, Lackey Clinic emphasizes that while many issues can be addressed remotely, specific emergencies require immediate attention. Chest pain, head trauma, significant blood loss, or shortness of breath necessitate a visit to the emergency room for the best possible care.

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