OPC—A Great Social Experiment

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The OPC smart contract is open and transparent data, no trust/authorization, disintermediation, no barriers to participation, and high liquidity.

With the all-round opening of the Internet around the world, financial services in DeFi are matched on a global scale and are no longer restricted by geographical limitations.

The DeFi market is not only in the digital currency circle, it will drive the transformation of the entire financial world in the future!

The emergence of the OPC token under the new generation of DeFi is another new boost for the DeFi market after SUN!

OPC is built on the TRON blockchain, mainly based on TRON’s transaction speed and fee model, its can ensure fast and predictable block time. Compared with the proof of work (POW) blockchain of Ethereum (POW), it can bring a better user experience while still maintaining a high degree of decentralization. Helps maintain network security and censorship.

TRON’s fee model is based on a combination of fee model and equity model. This model allows long-term TRX holders to use the blockchain for free without affecting the availability of the blockchain for one-time users or users who do not want to learn the mortgage process. OPC utilizes these features of the TRON blockchain to make the user experience of the platform smoother.

OPC is an intelligent financial protocol built on the TRON network. With the help of decentralized DEX-Just swap, it has a transparent and open market-making value system, a unique flexible supply design, scientific holdings and liquidity rewards.

OPC stability maintenance mechanism:

1. Reinvestment mechanism: 30% interest and 30% reward will be automatically reinvested.

2. Reduction mechanism: each time interest is withdrawn, a certain percentage of the investment principal will be consumed.

3. Withdrawal mechanism: The market dividend is 10 times the investment amount, and the market dividend can only be obtained through continued investment.

4. Fallback mechanism: When the total payment in the contract fund pool exceeds 60%, the current interest will be refunded to 0.5%/day immediately.

OPC’s business model and operation and maintenance mechanism are unique among all current DAPP projects. Come participate in this great social experiment.

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