How Laser Photonics Helps Drive Safety And Efficiency In Maritime, Aerospace And Nuclear Industries With Cleaning And Marking Lasers

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By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga

The global laser cleaning market is projected to grow to $12 billion by 2025, and the global laser marking market to grow to more than $5 billion by 2030.

As technology continues to advance, demand climbs for better and more efficient industrial lasers across a wide range of industries. The aviation, aerospace, defense, shipbuilding and nuclear power sectors are particularly forward-looking in pursuit of improvements.

The United States government and the Department of Homeland Security recently approved multiple programs regarding industrial laser use, signaling their current and future value in aerospace and military manufacturing.

A pioneer in responding to such needs, Laser Photonics Corporation (NASDAQ: LASE) is a leading global developer of industrial laser systems, specializing in integrated laser cleaning solutions and laser marking and engraving.

Their high-powered CleanTech laser systems eliminate surface corrosion and coatings from a wide variety of materials without causing harm to the surface beneath. In addition to surface cleaning and conditioning, other applications include pre-welding preparation and post-welding treatment.

Technology that qualifies as CleanTech uses no harmful chemicals or substances while achieving fast and accurate cleaning results. Their advanced productivity and safety features serve to secure their reputation as a safer, more efficient option while ensuring operators are protected from the hazards of traditional systems.

In global manufacturing, Laser Photonics reports that the value of its MarkStar direct parts marking, UID engraving and deep engraving technology is continuously expanding. Such practices pay for themselves quickly as they streamline traceability, production flow control, inventory control and renewal, service marking, product quality validation as well as long-term product liability and reliability monitoring.

In the aviation and aerospace industry, Laser Photonics' maintenance-free laser equipment and systems play a significant role in streamlining manufacturing and repair processes from MarkStar direct parts marking, UID and deep engraving to their newest CleanTech laser cleaning systems.

On top of corrosion and coating removal, cutting-edge CleanTech laser cleaning technology can be utilized by professionals in the aerospace industry to clean fixtures, perform selective paint removal on rivets, clean landing gears, clean landing strips and more.

Laser Photonics solutions are also valuable to the maritime industry, shipbuilding and ship maintenance and repair processes. Its revolutionary CleanTech cleaning technology offers a safer alternative to environmentally harmful practices like sandblasting, chemical cleaning, and abrasive blasting. By also eliminating the health risks of traditional methods, laser cleaning has become a disruptive solution in these industries. The global maritime industry is expected to grow from $2.6 billion in 2023 to $3.7 billion by 2028.

Nuclear decontamination and decommissioning is another domain where Laser Photonics laser CleanTech and MarkStar systems provide cost-effective, time-efficient, environmentally friendly and safe industrial cleaning and marking methods.

Principally based on waste elimination, eco-friendliness is another major benefit of CleanTech laser cleaning. Unlike traditional cleaning and marking methods, there is no secondary waste generated during use. Furthermore, laser cleaning eliminates the need for hazardous consumables, ensuring the safety of operators who would otherwise be exposed to harmful substances.

Laser Photonics laser cleaning and marking technologies can be customized to the unique needs of operators in any industry or application, providing a tailored solution for anything from nuclear facility maintenance to battery manufacturing.

The companys CleanTech and MarkStar technologies offer safe, effective, eco- and operator-friendly solutions to challenges posed to manufacturing professionals worldwide. Laser Photonics continues to innovate in each sector and on each application, helping high-demand industries grow more profitably and safely.

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