Flowcoin, redefine the flow economy based on data

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With the rapid replacement of technology, the Internet industry has entered a brand new course. The development of science and technology has laid the social and economic context based on big data. In recent years, the construction of the Internet such as 5G networks, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things industry is showing a trend of positive and rapid development. The virtual Internet is interacting with the real world, which may determine the economic height of human social civilization in the future.

The Internet is essentially the superposition and interaction of data, with the advancement of digital civilization. A large amount of traffic data is constantly showing up. Traditional data storage technology and forms have begun to show problems in recent years. On the one hand, the servers of traditional centralized intelligent storage vendors distribute one or more IDC data. Central, the central storage server needs to improve the overall processing capacity of the storage system through artificial forms, which are cumbersome and difficult to meet the standards required for actual production. On the other hand, in order to reduce operating costs and earn more profits, centralized traffic data storage service providers continue to compress service quality, which will directly lead to a decline in the quality of traffic data storage and cause many problems on the side. For example: traffic data storage and transmission efficiency is low, server downtime causes traffic data loss. In addition, individual traffic data storage service providers even resell the traffic data information stored by users to institutions that need the data for personal gain. How to break through the market crisis of flow data storage will determine the future market prospects of the flow economy. Flowcoin, a flow data storage solution with IPFS as the underlying logic and blockchain technology as the core, was born to solve this problem.

In the ecological application of Flowcoin, the role of a centralized data storage service provider will be abolished and replaced by every user participating in this value network. Any user with storage resources can become a storage service provider node, and users can obtain value incentive FLW by providing idle storage space and retrieval bandwidth. Compared with centralized flow data storage, Flowcoin’s value network has achieved three new breakthroughs:

1. Because every user can provide data storage, the market monopoly will be broken, and the price of traffic data storage in the market will become more reasonable.

2. The combined storage space of global users will exceed the storage space that centralized storage service providers can provide, and can provide the market with an unlimited flow data storage space.

  • The Flowcoin value network uses blockchain technology to achieve full transparency on the flow data chain, and people cannot change or use it without authorization. At the same time, in theory, all nodes will not be down at the same time, which means that there will be no traffic data loss. It solves the hidden dangers caused by human factors in the traffic data storage market.

In the Flowcoin value network, because Flowcoin’s smart contracts use the BDPOST share system storage proof mechanism based on the ciphertext sorting of the B+ tree index structure, an automatic prosecution process can also be carried out on the stored nodes in this ecology to prevent human beings. Accidental damage to the data structure occurred. This mechanism can verify the effective storage work of storage nodes and allocate block rewards to them reasonably. In the Flowcoin value network, organization and management, intelligent division of labor, value calling, provision of services and sharing of benefits are carried out through transparent rules. Users participating in its value network will receive development value dividends together with Flowcoin. The more storage space and bandwidth resources provided, the richer the rewards will be. All these production relationships can be promoted by smart contracts, and smart contracts It can clarify the details of various rights and interests involved by users, and can significantly reduce usage costs and transaction costs.

The proposal of the Flowcoin flow data storage model will effectively solve the problems of the times in the past flow data storage and make the flow data storage more efficient and high-performance. In addition, the temporal and spatial consensus mechanism adopted by Flowcoin can rationally circulate resources, promote the secondary utilization of idle storage resources, provide the blockchain industry with more green and environmentally friendly consensus inspiration, accelerate the transformation of the Internet era, and give energy to the development of the era under the flow economy.

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