Explore the Enormous Benefits of Multigenerational Living in This Essential Guide For the Modern American Family

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In today's rapidly evolving world, the modern American family encounters unprecedented challenges without a roadmap for guidance. Addressing this pressing need, Under One Roof (River Grove Books, Feb. 5, 2024) emerges as a comprehensive guidebook authored by Emily K. Graham, Angel L. Vargas, and John L. Graham. With a wealth of experience and insights, the authors present innovative approaches to multigenerational living, shedding light on its opportunities and complexities.

John L. Graham, a seasoned writer in this field, collaborates with Emily K. Graham and Angel L. Vargas to offer practical solutions and insightful perspectives on navigating multigenerational living.

Through compelling narratives and thorough research, Under One Roof delves into various aspects of this lifestyle, including:

  • Designing communities and homes to accommodate an aging population
  • Exploring the benefits of elders providing childcare
  • Managing relationships with aging parents
  • Addressing privacy, space, and communication challenges
  • Understanding the evolving healthcare landscape, from home caregiving to hospice care
  • Coping with the loss of a loved one

Pick up your copy of Under One Roof and stay updated on Emily K. Graham, Angel L. Vargas, and John L. Grahams endeavors by visiting www.grahamsbooks.com.

Under One Roof: Creating Harmony for Multigenerational Living is an inspiring and comprehensive read that explores the benefits, practicalities, and challenges of multigenerational living. Authors Emily K. Graham, Angel L. Vargas, and John L. Graham present compelling stories from diverse families who have found innovative ways to live together and meet the evolving needs of our society. By highlighting the advantages of living together, the authors offer a fresh perspective on fostering strong intergenerational relationships. From designing and remodeling homes to finding suitable housing, this book provides practical guidance for those considering multigenerational living arrangements. Moreover, it addresses cultural stigmas and financial concerns, offering valuable insights to overcome these challenges. With their extensive research and thought-provoking approach, the authors inspire readers to embrace the power of multigenerational living to create harmonious and fulfilling family environments. In a society facing changing needs and constraints, this book serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging readers to embrace the unity, support, and creativity that multigenerational living can provide. An excellent read for anyone interested in creating stronger family ties and finding innovative solutions to the challenges facing American families today.

Donna Butts, Executive Director of Generations United

This book is a guidebook to a solution that this country desperately needsaging in place. The COVID-19 pandemic left many family members that were in nursing homes alone and without support from their families; it stressed the need for a different solution. Reading this book can help you map out the financial, emotional, and physical needs of the family when the decision is to live under one roof.

Amy Irvine, CFP, EA, MPAS, CCFC, CDFA, CFT-I, Certified Financial Therapist-Level I Professional

Emily, Angel, and Johns book is a wonderful read on the difficulties, pitfalls, and, yes, opportunities that confront families and households when generations come together under one roof (or at least neighboring roofs). The authors provide us with the facts, but perhaps more importantly, they relate the wide range of lived experiences of families past and present, from all over the world, and with a variety of household arrangements, lifestyles, and resources. Their stories and this book inspire but also advise us, wisely, sympathetically, and with practicality.

Professor Edward Coulson, Director of the Center for Real Estate, Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine

About the Authors

Emily K. Graham, formerly of Kaiser Permanente is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and has her own private counseling practice. Angel L. Vargas is a healthcare executive in one of the largest healthcare delivery systems in the US, with over nineteen years of experience in the ambulatory and care-at-home settings. John L. Graham has a deep understanding of multigenerational living through his work with a variety of cultures and their practices. He is the author of nine other books and writes for the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, the Harvard Business Review, and several other publications.

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