Doceree Secures Patent for its Groundbreaking Technology Empowering Marketers to Elevate Patient-Physician Engagement Through Real-Time Triggers on EHR Platforms

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Doceree, the leading global healthcare marketing platform building unprecedented solutions for programmatic HCP marketing using proprietary data tools, today announced the grant of a patent by US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its distinguished feature Triggers that uses clinical data as real-time prompts for messaging to HCPs on Electronic Health Record Platforms, in a HIPAA-compliant and privacy-forward way.

In the United States, physicians possess the potential to enhance healthcare delivery by leveraging relevant information; however, the challenge lies in the timely accessibility of crucial data. Despite the ongoing digital transformation in the healthcare sector, Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) continue to face a notable gap in accessing up-to-date information, a resource that is currently exclusive to life sciences organizations. As the industry undergoes rapid digitization, the need for efficient information dissemination to empower healthcare providers becomes increasingly evident. Bridging this information gap, Doceree introduced Triggers- a technological solution designed to guarantee the delivery of optimal and well-informed care to patients.

Doceree's groundbreaking patent, officially paves the way for the integration of Doceree Triggers into the pharmaceutical marketing landscape. This patent encompasses a sophisticated medical product processing system that employs a first graphical user interface connected to an Electronic Health Record (EHR) platform. The system is designed to display messages in real-time to medical providers, tailored to their patients' predefined conditions. These conditions are inputted into the patient's electronic health record during the interaction between the patient and the healthcare provider, encompassing crucial details such as definitions of international classifications of diseases (ICD) codes.

This patent not only represents a pivotal achievement, affirming Doceree's pioneering strategy in revolutionizing the interaction between pharmaceutical marketing and healthcare professionals, but it also plays a crucial role in aiding Electronic Health Record (EHR) platforms. The patent ensures real-time clinical data mapping in a HIPAA-compliant manner, contributing to the optimization of EHRs for health data interoperability. This optimization holds significant importance in supporting clinical research efforts. The seamless integration of research and clinical care within a health system has the potential to boost clinical trial participation rates, enhance health outcomes, reduce the cost of care, and foster greater patient satisfaction.

"This patent not only signifies our steadfast dedication to pushing the boundaries and creating pioneering solutions for addressing the industry's most intricate challenges but also stands as a significant milestone in our journey towards establishing leadership in healthcare innovation and technology," stated Harshit Jain MD, Founder, and Global CEO of Doceree.

"Beyond its legal implications, this inaugural patent reflects the resilience and forward-thinking ethos that defines our company. It serves as the bedrock for sustained success in the ever-evolving landscape of innovation, embodying our commitment to continuous advancement. The issuance of this patent is a powerful reminder of what can be achieved through collaborative efforts and a shared dedication to our strategic objectives," he emphasized.

Doceree Triggers stands out by offering pharmaceutical manufacturers a distinctive set of capabilities. It enables the strategic planning and coordination of healthcare provider and direct-to-consumer campaigns, leveraging comprehensive insights into patient and provider behaviors, including the evaluation of past and present script performance. The platform empowers users to activate media seamlessly across various channels, encompassing display, video, and connected TV, all while optimizing bids to enhance overall business outcomes. Real-time performance measurement is a key feature, providing immediate insights into each campaign's effectiveness.

Moreover, Doceree Triggers facilitates the dynamic optimization of ongoing campaigns by automatically adjusting parameters, enhancing audience quality, boosting script lift, and maximizing overall media efficiency. This multifaceted approach ensures that pharmaceutical marketing efforts are not only well-informed but also agile and responsive, driving impactful results in the competitive landscape.

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Doceree is a global platform building unprecedented solutions for healthcare professional (HCP) messaging with proprietary data and advanced tools. Utilizing an extensive global network of digital endemic and point-of-care platforms, Doceree facilitates seamless and meaningful communication between life sciences brands and HCPs, ensuring delivery of highly personalized messages to HCPs at scale. To learn more,

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