No-MaTer Marinara Sauce: A Tomato-free Alternative Marinara

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Tomatoes are a member of the Nightshade plant family and are widely cultivated and used in dishes from around the world. Members of this plant family contain substances called alkaloids that can cause rare allergies and intolerances, and more often they can be irritant to people suffering from auto-immune illnesses such as arthritis. For these people eating tomatoes can cause a wide range of symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain, skin rashes, tingling lips, itching sensation in the throat and tiredness. Since taste is such a big part of our lives and tomatoes are used in many dishes, sufferers face big lifestyle changes and significant difficulties with food choices.

No-MaTer Sauce Company LLC is a brand-new Colorado-based startup aiming to provide options for individuals who are choosing to stay away from tomatoes for one reason or another. They’re launching their first tomato-free product, the No-MaTer Marinara Sauce. This sauce is the product of two years of intense experimentation. The recipe’s main ingredients are two nitrate-rich vegetables; carrots and beets. This unlikely yet amazing combination of vegetables have been cooked and blended in such a way that they provide the same texture and taste as marinara sauces that are made of tomatoes. This sauce mimics the zesty yumminess that tomatoes bring to a dish and is simply delicious. Whether you suffer from an allergy or intolerance, get acid indigestion, auto-immune flare ups, this nutritious vegetable sauce is exactly the staple dish you need in your kitchen.  

No-MaTer has partnered with Motherlode CoPackers bottling company for their first commercial taste test. The recipe was scaled up to commercial quantities and ingredient proportions were adjusted to ensure flavor and texture consistency. The product will be sent to get the regulatory approval so that it can be sold legally. This evaluation and approval process can take 4-6 weeks during which No-MaTer Sauce Company LLC will work tirelessly to get the word out and device marketing and sales strategies. The final approved product will be launched around January 2022.    

Gena Williams is the founder and CEO of No-MaTer Sauce Company LLC. When her husband developed a tomato allergy in 2016, Gena was determined to create a sauce that replicated the taste and texture of tomatoes. Her business started out of sheer determination and passion allowing Gena to dream big and face challenges of entrepreneurship on her own. She is using Kickstarter as a platform for pre-orders as well as market research to evaluate interest in the product. No-MaTer has already received FDA approvement and it is now just a matter of gaining funding and home for the first batch of marinara sauce. You can support Gena by choosing to donate or pledge on Kickstarter, and be the first to have this amazing sauce in your kitchen. Check out the Kickstarter page here:

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